Space Ants

A group of young, ragtag capsuleers roaming across New Eden in the hope of coming across a monumental pile of fun or ISK (preferably both!)

Find your colony today!

We offer groups for all playstyles:

Seeker Ants (Exploration)

Explore uncharted territories and plunders the loot that is found within! Seeker Ants are the exploration wing of Space Ants, and they focus on running exploration sites in the Stain region of nullsec for the resources hidden within them, and for big profit!

Carpenter Ants (Industry)

Turns asteroids into space dust, and that space dust into useful things like ships, weapons, ammunition, modules, and banned commodities! In more simple terms, this department covers all areas of mining and industry.

Giant Ants (Capital Ships)

Responsible for the capital ship fleet of Space Ants, the big beefy bois who will form the main bulk of the firepower of any home defense or structure bashing fleets.

Army Ants (PvP)

Responsible for the destruction of other capsuleers - hostile to us, of course! If you liked the idea of combat that the Bullet Ants brings but would rather be shooting at other capsuleers than NPCs, this is the corporation for you!


We are recruiting! Requirements:
1) A pulse (no zombies!)
2) Fingers to type in the corp chat
3) Comms during the fleets (Discord and teamspeak)
4) You have to be willing to help to defend our lands. We give you ships and together we kill those bad guys!

Whether you are a veteran or a few days old newbie, you are welcome to apply.

Corp diplos EU/UK: Ivory Harcourt, Lacanau Cunilingus
Corp diplos US: Bob7k, Kenzie Andedare

Public Channel: Space Ants Public (in game)

We are a proud member of SLYCE.

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